Acceptance is the key

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”   C.G. Jung
“Peace in ourselves, peace in the world.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

I am experiencing new sensations.  Sensations I only heard of with lower back spasm and pain.  I do not compare my pain but it reveals to me a certain expectation of myself and a lack of felt understanding when students come to me with their pain.  Not that I ignore or am insensitive, just that which has not been felt is difficult to know.  We all know pain and can listen.  I certainly can’t put my leg behind my head but standing on my own two feet is once again the answer.  Yoga is not about the poses but about our ability to experience , in the moment, what is .  Paying attention without giving power to the conditions either good or bad.  So without having to know what caused this , I am present for the lesson.  Can I accept in this moment and move into the silent, sacred place of …  OM … listening to the Thunder of Silence in that sacred place which is always within the temple.  Be quiet … be still and know that “I am.”

About beyoganow

teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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