When you’re green you’re growing when you’re ripe you rot.

Sometimes doing yoga is the answer.  Sometimes not doing yoga is the answer. Neti neti.Fire Tree Reflecting with othersPainting : Ed Pahr

In order to stay alive trees must have stability ,  be rooted yet have flexibility to move with the elements, both play and stillness are part of  balance.  It i is not something to find and hold on to but rather something that is discovered. When we do tree pose, it is important not only to ‘do the pose’ .  Yoga is a science as well as an art, our body is the laboratory and the studio.

In fact, before doing the pose.  Stand in Tadasana.  Let your whole body be the trunk of the tree and feel your connection to Mother Earth who sustains and nourishes.  Then, take 8 to ten breaths letting your arms, which are the branches spread and reach for the sun.  Remember, that the sun we seek is not only external but also that internal light, rooted in the earth. of the body “agni’ behind the navel which  rises ,manifest in our solar plexus to illuminate our hearts. Then bask for a moment in this light before bringing your hands together in Anjali  (prayer) mudra.  As you find the balance in tree pose, recognize the form is an expression and a way to find inner balance.  Note your attitude as well as your experience.  Sometimes, finding balance involves falling, or not achieving the perfect tree pose but rather, pausing and posing  on the edge of the stream , listening and finding ourself.
Go out and talk to the trees.  Be with them.  Watch them, in their infinite variety how they listen and the Sri energy which emanates from them.  The mind is a babbling brook and the trees, listen. If we come to yoga with beginner’s mind it is less about achieving a pose and more about being in the pose ,in the space, in the moment .
Neti neti… not this not that.With curiosity we learn
to observe, to explore and “be a tree”-
rooted in the earth and reaching to touch the sky.
The point is not the pose.  We all know that yoga
begins when we leave the mat and go out into our
lives so this week how can we apply tree pose?
It will be interesting to see what grows.

About beyoganow

teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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