Helping hands… flowering branches

Vrksasana, Tree Pose  ….sometimes you need a little help to find balance.  Try doing it with your eyes closed to challenge yours.
“TREES are the great teachers. The Lord Buddha himself found enlightenment sitting under a tree. This is why people today do not find enlightenment, they do not sit under a tree!”  (Satish Kumar, Earth Pilgrim)

I met Satish Kumar at a wonderful course called “Wild Mind” with David Abram and Terry Tempest Williams at Schumacher College in England. We went out to walk and were instructed first to touch a tree and then to be touched by the tree.  It was for me a fascinating change of perspective, to be touched literally not emotionally but physically touched by the tree.  How often to we pause to change perspective.
This week’s exploration is Vrksasana, Tree Pose.
Yesterday I suggested to become the tree. But there is also value in observing, letting the image speak. As the trees are standing by the waterfall in stillness.  Observe the movement of the mind spilling over.  I chose yet another painting by my husband, Ed.  A little over ten years ago he began to paint.  A painter was born seemingly from nowhere.  Not even an inkling that this was waiting to express itself through him.  I marveled as I saw a blank canvas become an picture.  It gave me courage to leave the life I knew behind and to create a new life.  I once heard in a yoga class, if you can create a triangle in space you can create any form you want in your life.  Seemed entertaining but a bit simplistic and yet , this is part of the lesson.  As stated before, the pose is not the point, rather it may be a point of departure or a place to rest along the way because the journey to self is long and sometimes arduous.  A tree of course is not mobile but the mind which is, can encompass and observe and perhaps learn a lesson from the trees.  I see two of them standing side by side in a beautiful painting, each of them standing alone yet sharing.  I can even imagine that they might, if they chose when nobody’s looking, to dance across the shimmering surface as their reflection does.

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teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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