Om Tree

And so we end our week of reflections on  with a Photo by TL Thousand.  A picture that says more than I can at the moment.               Be present in the silence and let the silence be a gift you share as does this tree.

“The groves were God’s first temples.”
~William Cullen Bryant, “A Forest Hymn”

“Your body is the temple of the living God.”  Bible:Corinthians 6:19

So sing a hymn in silence, a mantra of being present for the gift of life and sharing that which has been so freely given.  For it is in sharing that we find true abundance, and in loving that we feel love as an action verb not something we receive but rather that of which we are made.  Holy Spirit… Sacred tree of life.  Om Namaste… Om Tree

About beyoganow

teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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