Nothing is perfect but it is perfectly wonderful.

A classic meditation in Yoga is after watching the breath to quiet the mind we look deep into our heart center and ask “Who am I?” Then watch the answers. “Om tat sam – I am that I am” isn’t likely to be one of them. Instead, we come up with all sorts of names, nouns to follow I am. In my experience many of those are roles we play. I was talking with a friend/yoga student the other day explaining as we were walking by the sea the way we identify ourselves with the roles we play. I began to list some of mine: Woman, wife, daughter, teacher…. and somewhere in the list came ‘creative wonder’ which stopped me for a good laugh when I said, well that one is true. And it is, the fact that I , that you, that we exist is a miracle of creation. Many of us grew up with the voice of limitation, telling us to know our place. Well….

Your place is where you are, right now doing what you’re doing right now.  You are a “creative wonder.”  Don’t let anyone ‘keep you in your place’, if you don’t like where you are or what you’re doing, change it. If you can’t change it, accept and remember it’s only a temporary condition whatever it is.  Nothing is perfect but you are perfectly wonderful.  So, take a little delight in the garden.

About beyoganow

teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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