A pra pose

Not every pose is yoga.

If the pose is not the point, why do asana practice? A very good question.  Strictly speaking asana practice is not necessary for yoga or living. In fact, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait said it surprised him coming to the United States that many thought asana ‘was’ yoga : Yoga was the study of sacred scriptures and asana was gymnastics. And as it is practiced that is often what it is, hopefully more conscious gymnastics to improve form and function of the body with a bit of side benefit to relax and center the mind.

We often suffer from a sense of separation which somehow transmits the message that the body is something to be risen above, over come, ignored or in some cases beaten into submission. In that state of mind, we push and prod and yoga can become yet another way to do just that. Not very healthy state of mind since we need to live here in this body on this planet.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”  (Aristotle, Metaphysica) 

Tantric Yoga is a place to play and learn and grow which includes asana, pranayama and meditation- body, breath and mind connected to some sense of the divine without any religious dogma.  There is a scientific philosophy called “Emergence” which says that something
unique arises from union . The word “emergence” speaks of what occurs in yoga. A self as unique as a snowflake emerges, dissolves and reemerges to form a sense of self which
includes rather than excludes all parts of the whole.  Yoga is to unite, and thus we see what cannot be seen and experience the unique mystery of wholeness.


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teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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