What is Yoga?

something3What is Yoga? A science? An art? A new exercise trend for people who want their bodies fit and flexible while humming an om or two and tuning in to cool music, inside and out, at least while on the mat?

Magic and myth meld Eastern philosophy and Western mind with subtle fibers, strands of light that connect us all.  Not even light but threads so fine that they can’t be seen with the naked eye that looks through the veil of reality.  And yet in some sense we have to become naked to see through the veil between the “I that I am” and the divine.  ( Om tat sam) A separation that happens time and time again sometimes getting tangled or caught as threads intertwine and bind in patterns of Samskara creating Karma.

In Indra’s net we are all held dear , each special and unique, not bound but supported. Yoga is both the weaving and the unweaving, suturing or sewing as the Sutras say. The Sutras give instructions to tell us how to be the weaver of our Dharma or destiny through Svadhyaya,  rather than caught in others or our own Kleshas, insisting on our Avidya, defedning our point of view to the death.  The Yoga Sutras, and practices point the way to Moksha, freedom,  like sign posts but the teachings are taught only if we learn to read between the lines.

Yoga is both the instructor and the instructions, the teacher and the teachings that speaks in and through the silence occasionally finding a voice. A voice that guides saying “Follow me I know the way,” or perhaps just says, “Look and see where you’re going rather than seeing though the lens of where you’ve been.”   Yoga develops our “I” sight, developing and showing us how to see and how to seed new karma as we practice pulling the weeds from our Garden of Eden: Blessing them for their teaching of hardiness we nurture the little shoots of new growth until they take root reaching down into the earth of our being stretching up to the stars and beyond to embrace, to touch and be touched by the eternal. Life returning again and again. Evolution and devolution till we reach the source that is as near as breath. The whisper of the soul breathing life into the life we live.

What is Yoga, I don’t know . Still Vichara , reflecting on it brings a smile to the heart… and a little song. https://soundcloud.com/shaktimusic-1/simple-but-not-easy-jane-03/s-PpnhR



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teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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