One fell swoop

We moved to Italy a little over ten  years ago.   Full and fresh my husband and I were ready for the new adventure, the next page unknown but exciting, Aventura Italia.  Then little by little, it became home and the real adventure became day to day life.  We boldly decided to give up everything and accept an opportunity to find a new life.    Not completely blindly, we had been here before and my husband was born in Trieste where we live.   However, he left when he was a child and summer vacationing is a far cry from living somewhere.

Time and time again I find myself thinking that everything will change in ‘one fell swoop’ which I think is akin to the other shoe will drop fear and the magic wand that will transform everything hope.  Lovely images just as the seagull swooping brings a sense of pleasure and promise but though our hearts may, and do soar and the spirit is unlimited in it’s potential we are creatures of the earth.  Therefore, we have a mountain top experience but to get to the next mountain, we have to descend into the valley and climb again.                              Doing Tadasana, Standing Mountain Pose  is a wonderful example. (see Climbing the Mountain) Come to it new each time and find yourself in and as the mountain, then you can both be grounded and at your peak.  Creating a life is something we do step by step, building and seeing what is the next indicated action moving in the direction we’re pointed.  In fact, we may be redirected many times along the way but it is important to have a direction and commit to it.  There is a sense of magic in commitment, each of us has the art of aspiring.  So, as in everything else aspire to swoop and ride the currents or whatever it is that makes your heart sing but at the same time,  do what is necessary to realize your dream, to fulfill your Dharma, which might be translated as a combination of our heart’s desire and our purpose for living.  Certainly, it is more than seek pleasure/avoid pain.  That’s an infant’s view and when we grow up our horizons expand so that we seek purpose in our life.  There is an expression in the Bhagavad Gita,  where Arjuna has a moment of doubt and Krishna tells him, “You are a warrior, your svadharma, your personal duty, is to fight. Therefore, stand up and do battle. Better your own dharma badly performed than the dharma of another done perfectly.”  Now of course, not many of us know what our Dharma is and have a little trouble believing that our heart’s desire will be fulfilled.  We buy a Lotto ticket or maybe take a leap of faith on the one fell swoop theory but we fear letting go of our known to strike out in new directions and don’t really expect to win the Lotto.  Or, we make big sweeping changes only to find that no matter where you go, there you are.  But, that’s not necessarily bad, in fact it may be the good news.  You don’t have to “go” anywhere to find yourself even though it may be a long journey metaphorically speaking, you’ve already arrived.  Now the trick, ah back to magic once again, is to be where you are .  Abracadabra or whatever your mantra is to open the doors to the magic kingdom or to the cave where untold riches are stored in that sacred silent place where silence thunders, the cave of the heart.              

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Be present for the gift….

Recently, I’ve been reminded that though we say I “do yoga” it is ultimately a practice.  Early on doing yoga I asked my first teacher Chad Hamrin “I find peace here when I do yoga but my life is a mess.  What should I do?”  He replied, “Don’t do anything, do yoga.”  I thought at the time he meant do more asana and it only after many years of doing just that I got centered enough to understand.  Practicing yoga is practicing the presence .  The only place you can feel love is in the present.  That’s why they say,”The present is a gift.”  But a gift we must be ready to receive otherwise it’s unappreciated. Until the deeper calling comes and we can hear the voice of the divine whisper and caress us we can just take a breather or as they say, “Give yourself a break.”When I came to yoga I was already quite flexible and in fact could put my leg behind my head but found standing on my own two feet difficult. Now, as a person I am prone to a certain effusive enthusiasm, I can get caught up and swept away in the rapture or just plain too busy to know which way is up a bit crazy.  Pandit Rajmani Tigunait in Living Tantra (  said that while in India there is a great respect for Crazy Yogis, we cannot allow ourselves that luxury in Tantra.  We are here to share the gift that we are given, to cultivate the seed of intention planted and to realize our heart’s desire, which I believe is ‘love and be love’. We must reach a certain level of consciousness before we find the unity of purpose where our desire and our dharma are aligned.  Rod Stryker speaks far more eloquently that I in his book The Four Desires of practices to bring us to the point of not just understanding but living our yoga but until you read it… and do it.  We can begin by a practice of just being present .

Find yourself a comfortable position, sitting or even lying down is okay watch the breath.  Repeat.… I breathe in… breathe out… breathe in…  breathe out                                                                          Not an attempt to deepen the breath, just observe.  The ancient yogis heard the mantra “So Hum” as the breath.   If you wish, you can use this mantra.      Breathe in “So”   .  Breathe out “Hum”.                               Or you can repeat …                                                    Breathe in “I”  .  Breathe out “Am”.                                      Those who have been doing yoga for a while will be familiar with breath awareness practice.

The question I ask  and I remember to ask myself is “How often do you do it?”  Where there’s breath there’s life.  Why not live right now, where you are.  “Now” is  a gift , that’s why we call it the present.

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It’s no secret that singing raises the spirit.  In fact, when we are happy we say, “My heart sings with joy.”  That is I believe what we are all seeking.  Often, we come to yoga because we are in pain and we can’t hear the song of our heart .

It is said that the word “Om” or “A U M” not only symbolizes but actually is the Brahman (the Absolute Being), “I am the Creator, the womb of the world.”  Om is the bija mantra seated in the heart. There we are reborn in this world, in this lifetime, in this body not through any external savior but from the deep, sacred silence of being. B.K.S. Iyengar in Light on Yoga writes, “The letter A symbolizes the conscious or waking state, the letter U the dream state, and the letter M the dreamless sleep state of the mind and spirit.”  

That may very well be but I believe that we can find our own meaning in the sounds themselves.  Introducing the mantra to a wary group  I was inspired to ask when you say ‘A’ what does it mean to you?  This group was Italian and responded with “meriviglia, stuppore … marvel,astonishment”.   ‘U’ brought out sorpresa, piacere- surprise and pleasure.  ‘M’ and I admit that here I “M .. M..MMd” and heard buono, as in something yummy.  It also brought forth smiles and one person said, why there’s a whole world in that.   So, if we reflect on these three sounds we may find a whole universe of meaning of our own.   It is one thing to chant om it is quite another to listen to it rise up from the deepest part of our soul.

“A – the birth, U – the coming into being, M – the dissolution and then silence out of which it comes,             and back into which it goes, and which underlies it.  Now my life is the A-U-M but there is a silence that underlies it that is what we call the immortal.”     (Joseph Campbell)

The creator made a statue of clay  and asked the soul to enter into it: But the soul refused to be imprisoned, for its nature is to fly about freely and not to be limited and bound to any sort of capacity. The soul did not wish in the least to enter this prison. Then the Creator asked the angels to sing and play their music and as they played the soul was moved to ecstasy. In order to make the music more clear to itself, it entered the body … In reality the soul itself was the song.”  (Hafiz,  Sufi poet)

One way of focusing is to feel the “A” in your belly, connect to the “U” in your heart and the “M” rising to the crown .  In the silence it returns to the source.  Sing along if you like or just listen as your heart sings in celebration of the world which we are creating, and which is born and reborn with every breath.

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Stone Soup

We talk a lot about practice in Yoga.  One part of it is on the mat or the cushion but most of our lives are lived in the world. Today, as I was walking by the sea wondering at the wonder of life I thought of a very old folk tale called Stone Soup.  A man went to a village that had been ravaged by war and famine.  When he entered the village all doors shut and people hurried to hide what little they had.  The man finally found an old man sitting outside and asked, “Kind sir, I wonder if you have a pot.  I’m very hungry after my long journey and want to make stone soup.”  “Stone soup?”  the old man replied, “Never heard of it but yes, I can lend you a pot though I’ve nothing to put into it.”  So, the man went to the stream to get water singing all the way of the delicious soup he was looking forward to eating.  The people of the village had not heard singing or happiness for a very long time so they began to open their windows just to see .  “What are you so happy about young man?” someone finally asked. “Oh, I’m making stone soup.  It’s most delicious would you like to come and share some for supper?”  As the water began to boil the young man ceremoniously unwrapped a smooth stone from a cloth and plunged it in, rubbing his hands together in delight.  ‘Oh, if only I had a bit of salt to bring out the flavor of the stone,” he said.  One of the villagers said, “I have a bit,”  and ran home to get it.  “And, wouldn’t an onion just add a bit.”  Another villager  said, well maybe in my garden I can find one left.  Little by little other ingredients were suggested and it turned out that each person had a little something to contribute.  They gathered round the pot as the stone soup was cooking and they too began to sing along,  “Stone soup, stone soup what a lovely smell.  Stone soup, stone soup a story’s here to tell.  Stone soup the loveliest soup and we all give a whoop for -a pot, a stone, an onion, a carrot cause the best part is to share it. Stone soup, stone soup what a lovely smell. Stone soup, stone soup our hunger it will quell.”  And so it did having found that when each of them gave something there was enough to feed them all.

The message is one of sharing yet sharing seems to be something we have lost sight of in the current state of fear which says protect and hoard, rather than share and care.  In the Yoga scriptures Ahimsa , non violence is first and foremost.  After that Satya, telling the truth and conscious communication and Asteya, honesty and not grasping for what others have. To honor relationships and not to abuse the energy of attraction, sexual energy is Brahmacharya which means also to create relationships that foster understanding and truth.  The last of the Yama, the foundational principles for living is Aparigraha, to take only what you need and nothing more.  It is easy to criticize while at the same time in some way feeling envy and a sense of impotence as it seems the rich get richer. I wonder if rather than throwing stones we could make some stone soup.    Most of us are not ‘forest dwellers’ or ‘sanyasin’ but  ‘householders’ in the Yoga Tradition.
What is yoga if is doesn’t increase our capacity to share and give us the sense of security that within each and every household there is something of benefit which can be shared.     We have not renounced this world but are seeking to live in it : the more we share the more we have.  It’s a simple recipe , Stone Soup.

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A pra pose

Not every pose is yoga.

If the pose is not the point, why do asana practice? A very good question.  Strictly speaking asana practice is not necessary for yoga or living. In fact, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait said it surprised him coming to the United States that many thought asana ‘was’ yoga : Yoga was the study of sacred scriptures and asana was gymnastics. And as it is practiced that is often what it is, hopefully more conscious gymnastics to improve form and function of the body with a bit of side benefit to relax and center the mind.

We often suffer from a sense of separation which somehow transmits the message that the body is something to be risen above, over come, ignored or in some cases beaten into submission. In that state of mind, we push and prod and yoga can become yet another way to do just that. Not very healthy state of mind since we need to live here in this body on this planet.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”  (Aristotle, Metaphysica) 

Tantric Yoga is a place to play and learn and grow which includes asana, pranayama and meditation- body, breath and mind connected to some sense of the divine without any religious dogma.  There is a scientific philosophy called “Emergence” which says that something
unique arises from union . The word “emergence” speaks of what occurs in yoga. A self as unique as a snowflake emerges, dissolves and reemerges to form a sense of self which
includes rather than excludes all parts of the whole.  Yoga is to unite, and thus we see what cannot be seen and experience the unique mystery of wholeness.

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The Archer and the Teacher

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.                     Kahil Gibran

I have no children but this passage also speaks to the role of teacher.  Ultimately, the greatest freedom we have as teachers is to be the bow from which our students are set free.    It is therefore our job to practice what we preach, to be a living example that yoga is a path of balance and stability, love and joy.  It is also true that once we are adults, we become responsible for our vision and direction.  In that sense, the Yoga Teacher is a guide to find your own inner guru who speaks on the whisper of the breath when we are silent enough to hear.  Till then love and honor your teacher as I do mine then we join together in a circle of friends.

It is necessary to the archer to become in spite of himself, an unmoved center. Then comes the supreme and ultimate miracle: Art becomes ‘artless, ‘shooting becomes not shooting, a shooting without bow and arrow; the teacher becomes a pupil again, The Master a beginner, the end a beginning and the beginning perfection.”                             Zen and the Art of Archery Eugen Herrigel

So we come to yoga always with a beginners mind to discover in the moment what there is in the moment.

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New Perspectives Virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana III is a pose which challenge us to find new balance and new perspective as to what strength is, the more we let go and stretch out , the more ease we experience in the pose.  There may come a point when firmly grounded on the fulcrum of the standing leg, we feel ourselves take flight.

I’ve heard it said, “we are the stories we tell ourselves.”  It is certain that our life unfolds in a series of actions.  How does that relate to “Be Yoga Now”?   Recently in two private sessions ( one yoga and one singing lesson) I heard stories of limitation, “I can’t , I never could, I always…” these kind of stories we tell ourselves become self- fulfilling or maybe better say, not fulfilling.  Director Shekhar Kapur in  a talk at TED suggested, “In this universe, and this existence, where we live with this duality of whether we exist or not and who are we, the stories we tell ourselves are the stories that define the potentialities of our existence… A story is the relationship that you develop between who you are, or who you potentially are, and the infinite world, and that’s our mythology.”   In Yoga apparent limitations can be new margins of awareness if we can see things from a new perspective.  I once heard that very thing, that we rise up in consciousness so that we see more of the picture so I think it is perfect that we now look at Virabhadrasana III – Warrior Balance Pose as it can also be a moment to reflect and see ourselves differently.  I’ve heard it called Superman (Superwoman) and it certainly has a sense of flight.

Sometimes I like to use the variation of “airplane” arms with the image of looking into a lake and seeing your reflection.  Not to get caught like Narcissus but to look deep into that reflection and in fact to see if  the story you tell about yourself is still true or was a once upon a time.

Challenge yourself.  Create a new story, a story of a hero, the warrior who accepts their limitation as a margin from which to see a new way of taking flight or whatever it is that your heart’s desire is.  Remember, aspirations are the wings of the soul.  As we saw before, the importance is not always achieving what you set out to do.  I have to add that while there is strength in saying yes, there is also strength in saying no.  John Friend has a wonderful video called “The Dance of Yes and No.”  He may at some times seem a bit like a motivational speaker inviting us all to a big yoga party but his principles are founded in Tantric Philosophy.  It is important to say “Yes” to life, to open to something bigger”  and to say “No” to whatever it is that tells you that you are not good enough, smart enough, perfect enough.  Enough!  It’s not important that you achieve the perfect pose, you may or may not be perpendicular with your body parallel to the ground.  So what!  It’s your pose, find your own balance stretching out and reaching back.  Some days, when you do it you may have a moment of perfect balance only to find that another day, it’s lost.   That’s life.  Our past does not necessarily have to be  a prediction of our future even as it may provide a foundation.  We can learn and change but it takes practice, will and willingness.   If it’s a rough time you can tell yourself the story of how you know you have the resources and that this too shall change.  Tell yourself a new story, one full of joy and fulfillment.  Be the hero or the heroine in your own life.  Celebrate in joy.  Om Namaste.

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I think I am

Because we see ourselves in an envelope of skin we imagine that we are separate, when in fact the world moves right through us as though we were made of mist.” 



I read that in a book called The Parable of the Beast by biologist John Bliebtrau when I was at the university and it has stuck with me ever since. We ‘see’ ourselves, we imagine ourselves to be and so we are but , are we what we appear to be?

There is a warm up exercise  based on Spolin Theater Games. The instructions are to acquaint yourself with the space and the objects in the space. Try to see the object or part of the room without identifying it .  Say hello.  Wait for it to respond. Discover rather than identify what you see.   I always found it fascinating how it opened up a new space and the sense of getting to know the space I was in. It occurs to me as I write that this would be something to do as a yoga practice as well.  Discover rather than identify who I am.

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Forward facing warrior…

In Virabhadrasana I , forward facing warrior pose we turn to face whatever it is that we must face in order to live our lives fully and completely.  Once again remember that asana means to be seated in Self.  We stand our ground but we are neither held by the past not projecting into the future.  Instead look inside and let the fire in your belly illuminate your heart and your mind reflect the glow .

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin

“There is an inmost centre in us all,
Where truth abides in fullness; to KNOW consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape.”  Robert Browning

The “spiritual warrior”  bravely does battle with the universal enemy, avidya or ignorance which is the ultimate source of all our suffering not only with a sword but by letting the light shine, being both the source and the reflectionIt takes guts to open your heart and so we continue to build strength and opennessWherever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius)  And remember that courage takes fear by the hand and says “Come, don’t be afraid of the darkness I will light the way.” I want to once again remind us that the pose is not the point of yoga .   As we strengthen the core and calm our nervous system we create the ‘ground for meditation’, sitting in the deep inner silence of being where we are both the seer and the seen and from there we aspire to be all that we can be…  Aspirations are the wings of the soul.   Or as Rumi said, “The wings of a man are his aspiration and aim.”  The spiritual warrior takes aim carefully and lets his/her arrow fly straight from and to the heart.

In Virabhadrasana I, la posizione del guerriero “in avanti”, noi ci giriamo per affrontare qualsiasi evento, in modo da poter vivere le nostre vite pienamente e completamente. Ancora una volta ricordiamoci che Asana significa stare in se stessi. Noi ci troviamo sulla terra ma non siamo né trattenuti dal passato né proiettati verso il futuro. Invece dovremmo guardare dentro di noi e lasciare che il fuoco cresca dal nostro ventre per illuminare il nostro cuore e che la nostra mente ne rifletta lo splendore.


“Non sei un essere umano che cerca un’ esperienza spirituale. Tu sei un essere spirituale immerso in un’esperienza umana.” (cit. Teilhard de Chardin)


“C’è un intimo centro in tutti noi, dove la verità dimora in pienezza, CONOSCERE significa aprire la via (la porta) da dove l’imprigionato splendore potrebbe fuggire.” (cit. Robert Browning)


Con coraggio il “guerriero dello spirito” dà battaglia al nemico universale, avidya o l’ignoranza che è la causa prima di tutte le nostre sofferenze, non solo con la spada ma anche lasciando risplendere la luce, divenendo sia la sorgente che il riflesso. Ci vuole coraggio per aprire il nostro cuore e così continuiamo a far crescere la forza e l’apertura (della mente e del cuore). “Ovunque tu vada, vacci con tutto il tuo cuore.” (cit. Confucio) e ricorda che il coraggio prende per mano la paura e dice


“Vieni, non aver timore dell’oscurità, io ti rischiarerò la via.” Voglio ricordare nuovamente che nello yoga la posizione non è il punto focale. Rendendo forte il nucleo e calmando il nostro sistema nervoso, noi creiamo il “terreno per meditare”, stando nel profondo silenzio dell’essere noi siamo sia colui che vede che ciò che è visto e da qui possiamo aspirare ad essere tutto ciò che possiamo divenire … Le aspirazioni sono le ali dell’anima. O come diceva Rumi “Le ali dell’uomo sono le sue aspirazioni e i suoi fini.” Il guerriero dello spirito prende la mira con cura e lascia che la sua freccia voli da cuore a cuore.


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Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior                                                                                                                      Gratitude Moving into Grace : Finding and Following Your Bliss
It takes strength and flexibility to live with an open heart, there is so much that seems to impinge and yet , Anahata is where the silent unstruck sound rests and sings a song of love eternal.  But one has to learn to  listen to hear it. Nowadays there is a lot of noise and a great emphasis on appearance and so asana has become the focus of yoga.  The Pose is not the point but rather a point of departure for the journey to self awareness .   The literal translation or Asana is to be seated.  Whatever ‘pose’ you are in, whatever situation your life presents you, when you are seated in Self there is gratitude.  But it is not just sitting still but action, moving  towards grace with vision, intention and commitment we realize that the point is not where we arrive, but that our hearts sing with joy as well as easing the pain that is part of change.  Hatha yoga in addition to being a union of sun and moon is called the yoga of force.  Karma yoga is the yoga of action. Throughout it all we bow to the spirit within and celebrate life.

In the Mahabarahata, Arjuna was standing on a hill looking down at a valley full of enemy troops.  He remained firm, focused on his objective with heart open to reveal his course and  the enemy dissolved. He still had to fight the battle but there was no anger, no enemy,  only  Dharma. The spiritual warrior does not wish to do battle yet stands ready should that be what is required. Strength is not a fist but as an open hand, yet sometimes a sword is necessary to cut through the veils of illusion so that we can have the courage to look and see; To sever the attachment and allow the connection to the inner guru to choose direction and then we are directed and supported in our action. With clear vision we align ourselves with spirit and in the light, the enemy dissolves.  Through our actions we are transformed time and again, living many lives in one body.  We are always connected to the eternal source but unless we realize this connection, there is a sense of separation.

Once again we return to the reflection, “Life is not perfect but it’s perfectly wonderful.” … or as Shankara put it, “The world is an ocean of bliss, my body is but an island.”              The more present I am with the waves of breath, the calmer the waves of the mind, the more I experience my connection the more I trust the more I embrace all parts of the whole. Then I am never separate and apart but more then ever unique ,individual, one of a kind.  is union and in union we are touched by grace. When we listen to our breath and let it guide and sustain us, it is the soul whispering.  We have to get quiet and pay attention to hear it.  When we do, we experience grace and the events of our lives are a string of pearls on a strand of breath, every breath a prayer, an acknowledgement of the truth  …
Il Guerriero dello Spirito (grazie a Clarissa De Vido)

La Gratitudine che diviene Grazia: Trova e Segui la Tua Gioia                                                                     Servono forza e flessibilità per vivere con un cuore aperto, già molte cose sembrano limitarci. Anahata è dove il silenzioso “unstruck sound -il non colpito.” In sanscrito la parola anahata – significa incolume, non colpito ed imbattuto. Anahata Nad si riferisce alla nozione di suono, il suono del regno celeste … ma meglio dire che si senti “ il rombo dal silenzio- the thunder of silence” riposa qui e intona una canzone di eterno amore. Ma bisogna imparare ad ascoltarla. Oggigiorno ci sono troppe sciocchezze e viene posta troppa enfasi sulle apparenze, tanto che l’asana è divenuta il punto cardine dello yoga.

La posizione non è il punto essenziale, ma il punto d’inizio per il viaggio alla scoperta della propria consapevolezza. La traduzione letterale di Asana è “stare seduto”. In qualunque “posizione” tu sia, qualsiasi situazione la vita di metta di fronte, quando ( sei “seduto”) sei in te Stesso c’è gratitudine. Ma non si tratta solo di rimanere fermi, ma di agire, muoversi nella grazia con l’intuito, l’intenzione e l’impegno, così possiamo realizzare che il punto non è dove riusciamo ad arrivare, ma che il nostro cuore può cantare di gioia nonché lenire il dolore che è parte integrante del cambiamento.

L’Hatha yoga oltre a essere il veicolo d’unione di sole e luna, viene detto anche lo yoga della forza. Karma yoga è lo yoga dell’azione. Attraverso tutto ciò ci inchiniamo davanti allo spirito e celebriamo la vita.

Nel Mahabarahata “La grande storia di Bhārata”, Arjuna se ne stava in piedi su una collina guardando la vallata piena di truppe nemiche. Lui rimase fermo e saldo, focalizzato sull’obiettivo con il cuore aperto per svelare la propria traiettoria, così i nemici scomparvero. Doveva comunque combattere, ma non aveva più rabbia, né nemici, solo il Dharma. Il guerriero dello spirito non si augura la battaglia, tuttavia rimane pronto nel caso dovesse affrontarla. La forza non è un pugno, ma una mano aperta, anche se a volte la spada è necessaria per tagliare il velo dell’illusione, così che possiamo prendere il coraggio per scostarlo e vedere oltre. Per recidere ogni attaccamento e stabilire la connessione con il nostro guru interiore, per poter così scegliere la direzione da prendere e per sentirci sostenuti nelle nostre decisioni.Con una visione chiara noi allineiamo noi stessi con il nostro spirito e nella limpida luce i nemici svaniscono. Attraverso le nostre azioni noi veniamo spesso trasformati, vivendo molte vite nello stesso corpo. Siamo sempre connessi alla sorgente eterna, ma a meno che non ne capiamo la connessione, permarrà sempre un senso di separazione.

Ancora una volta ritorniamo a “ La vita non è perfetta, ma è perfettamente meravigliosa.”… o come diceva Shankara “Il mondo è un oceano di gioia e il mio corpo un’isola.” Più sono presente nelle onde del respiro, più sono calme le onde della mente, più sperimento la connessione più ne ho fiducia e più posso abbracciare la totalità nella sua completezza. Dunque non sono mai separato e diviso, ma più che mai unico, un essere indipendente, unico nel suo genere. Questa è l’unione e nell’unione noi siamo toccati dalla grazia. Quando ascoltiamo il nostro respiro e ci lasciamo guidare e sostenere da esso, è l’animo che sussurra. Dobbiamo rimanere silenziosi e prestare ascolto ad esso. Quando lo facciamo, possiamo sperimentare la grazia e gli eventi della nostra vita saranno un filo di perle su un filo di fiato, ogni respiro una preghiera, un’accettazione (riconoscimento) della verità… Om so ham – io sono.


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