One fell swoop

We moved to Italy a little over ten  years ago.   Full and fresh my husband and I were ready for the new adventure, the next page unknown but exciting, Aventura Italia.  Then little by little, it became home and the real adventure became day to day life.  We boldly decided to give up everything and accept an opportunity to find a new life.    Not completely blindly, we had been here before and my husband was born in Trieste where we live.   However, he left when he was a child and summer vacationing is a far cry from living somewhere.

Time and time again I find myself thinking that everything will change in ‘one fell swoop’ which I think is akin to the other shoe will drop fear and the magic wand that will transform everything hope.  Lovely images just as the seagull swooping brings a sense of pleasure and promise but though our hearts may, and do soar and the spirit is unlimited in it’s potential we are creatures of the earth.  Therefore, we have a mountain top experience but to get to the next mountain, we have to descend into the valley and climb again.                              Doing Tadasana, Standing Mountain Pose  is a wonderful example. (see Climbing the Mountain) Come to it new each time and find yourself in and as the mountain, then you can both be grounded and at your peak.  Creating a life is something we do step by step, building and seeing what is the next indicated action moving in the direction we’re pointed.  In fact, we may be redirected many times along the way but it is important to have a direction and commit to it.  There is a sense of magic in commitment, each of us has the art of aspiring.  So, as in everything else aspire to swoop and ride the currents or whatever it is that makes your heart sing but at the same time,  do what is necessary to realize your dream, to fulfill your Dharma, which might be translated as a combination of our heart’s desire and our purpose for living.  Certainly, it is more than seek pleasure/avoid pain.  That’s an infant’s view and when we grow up our horizons expand so that we seek purpose in our life.  There is an expression in the Bhagavad Gita,  where Arjuna has a moment of doubt and Krishna tells him, “You are a warrior, your svadharma, your personal duty, is to fight. Therefore, stand up and do battle. Better your own dharma badly performed than the dharma of another done perfectly.”  Now of course, not many of us know what our Dharma is and have a little trouble believing that our heart’s desire will be fulfilled.  We buy a Lotto ticket or maybe take a leap of faith on the one fell swoop theory but we fear letting go of our known to strike out in new directions and don’t really expect to win the Lotto.  Or, we make big sweeping changes only to find that no matter where you go, there you are.  But, that’s not necessarily bad, in fact it may be the good news.  You don’t have to “go” anywhere to find yourself even though it may be a long journey metaphorically speaking, you’ve already arrived.  Now the trick, ah back to magic once again, is to be where you are .  Abracadabra or whatever your mantra is to open the doors to the magic kingdom or to the cave where untold riches are stored in that sacred silent place where silence thunders, the cave of the heart.              


About beyoganow

teacher - yoga and find your voice/sing your song, songwriter, singer, basically creative human being living in this moment in this place on this planet , mostly happy and wondering what's next.
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